Through a process-led exploration, and insatiable curiosity, I explore a variety of art mediums. By combining a range of different techniques, I am constantly fascinated with the way shapes, lines and color respond to each other. As the director of my work, I will sometimes find the characters in a composition improvising, even traveling from one work to another. For example the black and white stripe structure first appeared in a series of my monoprints. Later, the stripe was drawn and painted into various mixed media works, and also found its way into pieces containing my bio-metric wire forms. These stripes appear as graphic elements in most of my small abstract collages and monotype prints. Infinite curiosity continues to guide the work I create, as though there is an endless road ahead to delight and captivate me and all who view my work.

Most of the pieces shown on this site are available for sale, so please do not hesitate to contact me for more information on anything of interest to you.

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